If you have unwanted hair, have tried all the temporary methods or been disappointed from hair remaining after laser treatments you need to have the permanent results only electrolysis can provide.

Layne Wondga, owner of the Cabelo Electrolysis Clinic on Johnston Road has helped clients from all over the Semiahmoo Peninsula and beyond to improve their personal appearance and self esteem with this highly-effective hair removal method for over 17 years.


Medically Approved Sterilization Techniques

Microscope Enlarges Treatment Area by 960% for Better Results and No Scarring

Single Use Disposable Needles

New Pain-Free Method
(Local Anesthetic)
Originally developed 125 years ago by a U.S. opthamologist to remove ingrown eyelashes that cause blindness, electrolysis is the only method of hair removal that is permanent and safe.

"I see people of every age and every type of profession," says Layne, who opened her business 17 years ago. "People who come to me have electrolysis done because they know that it works and that it's permanent.. They invest in change and feel so much better about themselves." What makes this kind of hair removal permanent? Once the root has been destroyed, the hair cannot grow back without nourishment, Layne explains. "The blood supply has been shut off, therefore, another hair root cannot grow in the follicle."

Cabelo uses a surgical microscope for good insertion. A probe right into the hair follicle releases a current. The use of a microscope or loops makes the work more accurate for better and quicker results.

"People shouldn't be afraid to ask questions about hair removal," says Layne, who has extensive experience in the industry. She says unwanted hair is a much more common problem than one may realize.

"Electrolysis is an effective treatment for unwelcome hair on the eyebrow area, upper lip, chin, bikini line, under arms, and for men, on ears, back and shoulders..."

Some clients assure Layne that "my hair grows so fast I can tweeze a hair today and it's back next week." But that's not actually the case, she counters. "If you tweeze a hair out, it will not grow back for five to 10 weeks, depending on the area of the body. What you are tweezing in a week is a hair from a totally different follicle, perhaps growing at a deeper level, near the original pluck. We all have three to five times more hair then we think." Most normal, healthy women have unwanted facial hair, which is not an isolated problem.

Fine hairs cover most of the body, but when it grows coarse and dark, many choose to do something about it. "Facial hair is a very personal thing for some... something that many women are ashamed of," says Layne. "I love being a part of helping them to feel better about themselves."

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